Submitted articles and preprints:

[A12] Some results in near-cloaking for elasticity systems (with R. Craster, A. Diatta and S. Guenneau)

Preprint 2018 (25 pages).

[A11] Diffusion limit for Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Equation in bounded domains (with L. Cesbron)

Preprint 2016, under revision (20 pages).

Published or Accepted:

[A10] Heterogeneity and strong competition in ecology (with C. Venkataraman)

to appear in European Journal of Applied Mathematics.

[A9] Cloaking via mapping for the heat equation (with R. Craster, S. Guenneau and G. Pavliotis)

to appear in SIAM Multiscale Model. Simul.

[A8] Existence and uniqueness analysis of a non-isothermal cross-diffusion system of Maxwell-Stefan type (with F. Salvarani)

Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 75, pp. 108-113 (2018). DOI

[A7] Maxwell-Stefan diffusion asymptotic for gas mixtures in non-isothermal setting (with F. Salvarani)

Nonlinear Analysis, Volume 159, pp. 285–297 (2017). DOI

[A6] Convergence along mean flows (with T. Holding and J. Rauch)

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, Volume 49, Issue 1, pp. 222-271 (2017). DOI

[A5] On the Maxwell-Stefan diffusion limit for a mixture of monatomic gases (with F. Salvarani)

Math. Methods in the Applied Sciences, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp. 803-813 (2017). DOI

[A4] Simultaneous diffusion and homogenization asymptotic for the linear Boltzmann equation (with C. Bardos)

Asymptotic Analysis, Volume 100, Number 1-2, pp. 111-130 (2016). DOI

[A3] Upscaling nonlinear adsorption in periodic porous media – Homogenization approach (with G. Allaire)

Applicable Analysis, Volume 95, Issue 10, pp. 2126-2161 (2016). DOI

[A2] On the homogenization of multicomponent transport (with G. Allaire)

Discrete and Continuous Dynamical System – B, Volume 20, Number 8, pp. 2527-2551 (2015). DOI

[A1] Homogenization of reactive flows in porous media and competition between bulk and surface diffusion (with G. Allaire)

IMA J Appl Math. Volume 77, Issue 6, pp. 788-815 (2012). DOI

Conference Proceedings:

[P2] Regularized transformation optics for transient heat transfer (with R. Craster, S. Guenneau, G. Pavliotis)

IEEE Xplore Metamaterials. (2017).

[P1] Homogenization of reactive flows in periodic porous media (with G. Allaire)

Actes du XX Congres Francais de Mecanique. pp. 2613-2618 (2011).

PhD Thesis:

Homogenization and dispersion of complex flows in porous media and its applications

Prepared at CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique under the guidance of Grégoire Allaire.

Thesis was defended on 17/09/2013. The slides of the presentation can be found here.


[R2] Homogenization of reactive flows in porous media: The Masters project report prepared at INRIA Saclay under the guidance of Gregoire Allaire.

[R1] The Boltzmann equation and its fluid dynamical limit: The Masters project report prepared at TIFR-CAM under the guidance of Muthusamy Vanninathan, Vasudevamurthy and Claude Bardos.


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